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"Mouthwatering! Eating and drinking in the Middle Ages" exhibition, tours and workshops

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Mouthwatering - Eating and drinking in the Middle Ages will open its doors on the 14th September 2018, accompanied by several cultural events (lecture series, educational workshops, feasts, medieval taster sessions and shows). Here, visitors can learn more about etiquette, tableware and recipes from Master Chiquart (Amadeus VIII the Duke of Savoy’s head chef). They will also find out why children drank wine and what sorts of food acted as markers for social strata: oratores, bellatores and laboratores. We have a whole programme in store for you!

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HappyKid will never recommend enough to help children discover History, in situ, in Chillon's magnificent setting, with food & drinks as keys. We all know how eating and drinking is and has always been an incredible source of palatable pleasures throughout the ages and for all ages!

From 10:00 to 17:00 every days, until 22/02/2019.
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For all