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Why Join the HappyKidClub?

“I want more Zen, more Joy and more Happy in my family!” I'm IN!
  • HappyKid facilitates your family’s outings, activities and organisation,

  • Your stress is reduced,

  • You save time: all useful info gathered in one location + sorting filters = minimal clicks,

  • Your kid is Happy! S/he will discover, learn, have fun, thrive, be educated, grow… ;

  • You benefit from the experience and the reviews of other members to form your own opinion;

  • You are part of a caring and supportive community that shares the same values and faces the same challenges (5,500+ families in November 2018) – read our HappyCharter to find out more;

  • You save money and enjoy discounts, advantages, gifts, surprises, pre-booked seats, guided tours, outings, private sales and workshops from service providers chosen for the quality of their services by the HappyKidTeam : the HappyPartners.

smiley TeamMember : Free - free member account*

Do you like going out with your child / children, participating in workshops and sharing your experiences, appraisals and family tips?

Contribute to 6 times per year by writing your comments or suggesting information to add and enjoy a 100% reduction in membership fees, making it 0.- francs per year! We won’t contact you often, kindly respect your commitment.

smileysmiley HappyMember : 5.- per month (60.00 francs per year)*

In addition to enjoying family outings, kids’ activities and ideas, do you like to take advantage of special offers, pre-booked seats, gifts, surprises and reductions?

Your family will enjoy all the benefits that our HappyPartners offer throughout the year [link to come]. Your membership allows this site to exist and supports the work of the HappyKidTeam. Thank you for everything!

smileysmileysmiley VIParent : 10.- per month (120.00 francs per year)*

Do you want to save time and take advantage of personalised, qualitative and exclusive services?

If you cannot find what you are looking for on, we can carry out specific research - a tailor-made, personalised VIP service. In addition to all the other advantages and features listed above, your family will have priority when it comes to benefiting from exclusive offers from our VIPartners: premium seats, previews, private sales, guided visits, private events, etc. [link to come].

10% of your annual contribution is passed on each year to associations and foundations that assist disadvantaged children (see HappyCharter for more details). Thank you for your trust and your support!

“I want more Zen, more Joy and more Happy in my family!” I'm IN!!

*Membership is valid for one year from the date of registration. In the event of dissatisfaction, you may request a refund during the first month of membership. Membership is renewed automatically, with notification by email one week before the renewal date. It is possible to change the type of membership over the course of the year (see our General Terms & Conditions).