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Créez vos stickers en direct! (...) Un must pour aller en crèche, au jardin d’enfants, à l’école, aux camps de vacances ou sur les terrains de jeux! (...) Les mamans en ont besoin, les enfants les adorent. (...)

Notre objectif consiste à livrer des étiquettes attractives et durables pour faciliter la vie des mamans et jardinières d'enfants et surtout d'éviter les pertes des affaires et des vêtements des enfants qui sont trop souvent égarés ou difficiles à identifier, que ce soit en crèche, à l'école, sur les terrains de jeux ou dans les camps de vacances.

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Here is a great site to personalize our kids' clothes and equipment. Whether it's for the little ones' stuff at the nursery or at the daycare, for the older ones at ski camp or holiday camp, or for all the schoolchildren's stuff at the beginning of the school year. No more lost objects, long live found and returned objects!

The range is very complete and includes packs that cover the various needs in formats for example. The stickers for the inside of shoes and slippers are just great! is a great help link: a very easy to use site, fast ordering and delivery and really cool designs and colours. You can customise everything, from the background colour to the writing and of course the hundreds of designs to choose from: little fairies, footballs and dinosaurs compete with cupcakes and monsters of all kinds! smiley They fit and stick!