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1 2 3... it works! Communication workshops

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123 ... it works! is a series of workshops for parents who want to improve communication within the family, discuss the education of their children in a positive way, to live daily in harmony, cooperation and mutual respect. (...)

I discovered the key to positive communication in England for 15 years, I realized how much it helped me with my family, my children and people close to me. I wanted to share this knowledge and experience so I set up "1, 2, 3 ... it works! workshops in family communication".

Example: "This is a good question and you what do you think?" Jumping on every opportunity to make our children think for themselves and find their own solutions to their problems, so they will apply it.

A very HappyMum of five kindly shares her experience in communication tools that she has found positive to improve relations within families.

Participants enroll in a workshop (usually 6 sessions of 2 hours each) to solve problems they face in their daily parenting. "How not to annoy me?", "How to make them clean their rooms?", "How to manage homework?", "How to avoid conflicts between brothers and sisters?" ... I must admit that not a day goes by when one of these question does not arise!

Group coaching, very open and interactive, ask any questions, discover the key approaches, language and attitudes that unlock the repeated crisis and help to (re) discover how wonderful parenting is!

These workshops have been highly recommended by HappyMum Sophie B., read her testimonials to get an idea of ​​how 1, 2, 3... really works. If you do not have time for the workshops, have a look at the bibliography, it is simply excellent. It is also possible to have private coaching.