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Brunch at Café des Jardins

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Brunch at Café des Jardins

On Sundays and holidays, delicious brunches are waiting for you. There is an array of quality food: sweet or salted breakfast, salad buffet, desserts, grilled meats BBQ. Advance booking is a must.

Frs 55.00 per adult (without drinks), Frs 28.00 from 4 to 12 years old.

The Castle of Vullierens is renowned in all Europe for its gardens and its fabulous collection of iris. It is an extraordinary natural show with spectacular colors and sweet perfumes. During the blooming period, a walk on the paths of these gardens is a pure delight, which one can anticipate or prolong by brunch or BBQ at Café des Jardins.

The brunch selection of food is enjoyed by all ages as sweet and salted dishes are available at the buffet and kids love to help themselves. Mini-croissants, cheeses, doughnuts, cereal, grilled salmon and all sorts of meats.

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Réservation indispensable par e-mail ou par téléphone +41 (0)76 477 90 24

Tarifs: Adulte, 55 CHF - Enfants de 8 à 11 ans, 25 CHF - Enfants de 4 à 7 ans, 18 CHF - Enfants de 0 à 3 ans : gratuit (chaises bébé à disposition)

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