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"Time travel"


The Château de Prangins has a long and eventful history! Youngsters are invited on a long journey through time to explore how people lived 200 years ago. Breathing magical scents and equipped with accessories from that time perdiod, they will turn back in time to follow the footsteps of several owners of the Château. Let's hope that they will have found the vial containing the second and mysterious essence that will bring them back to the present!

Up to 12 participants (food/snack not inluded) (...) It is possible to order the Château's "Snack" formula (cake, drinks, decorations). (...) Activities can be scheduled anytime between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm, according to your needs.

Invitations cards (in French only) can be downloaded from the website:

Age min.: 
8 years
Age max.: 
12 years

Veuillez réserver auprès du service d’accueil, du lundi au vendredi, de 9:00 à 12:00.

Délai de réservation: Un mois avant la date souhaitée

Main phone: 
+41.22.994 8890