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"Les petits papiers d'Alex" - Alex' little papers


LES PETITS PAPIERS D'ALEX is 100% home-made; in fact, I carry out all the orders by hand, from creation to printing, including cutting and packaging, at home on my coffee table. That's why I have very little stock.

Custom orders are my favorite... (...)

My name is Alexandra... I'm not a graphic designer... but a paper lover for as long as I can remember... I was doing all kinds of little cardboard things in my room with white glue! One day, after years of studying pharmacy, I helped a friend prepare the decorations for her wedding... and, following a completely crazy idea to make me business cards, THE SMALL ALEX PAPERS were born.

To pamper our little ones, HappyKid is constantly on the lookout for good ideas... Hook her up, this one's really great, you'll love it!  For any celebration, birthday, birth, baptism, Alex makes on request fully personalized invitations and announcements absolutely a-do-ra-bles! Look at the few examples above but above all know that it works in complete harmony with your wishes: you discuss together the style you want to give, the colours, the atmosphere, your preferences... and ABRACADABRA! 10 to 15 days later you have YOUR invitations to YOU. The most original, too beautiful, completely handmade.

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