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See the eyes of your child and her/his guests sparkle, their faces light up with broad genuine smiles and hear their laughter... We will make this party happy and memorable, it's a promise! 

Thanks to our network of talented and passionate and extraordinary partners, our HappyKidParty team creates unforgettable turnkey parties. Creative workshops, storytelling, treasure hunts, face painting, tattoos, photobooths, disco, Fimo clay, zumba... let our team do all the work and keep just what you enjoy. With our magical wand you'll feel as your child's fairy and - cherry on the cake - with 0% stress and 100% fun for the whole family.

Entirely tailor-made according to your child's tastes and your budget and preferences, your HappyKidParty can take place at your home, in a rented room or any other original location. Decoration, entertainment, creative workshops, supervision of the children, everything is included. We can also provide you with the most beautiful and delicious cakes, goodie bags, find you the perfect venue, create a video or do EVERYTHING from A to Z.

We also specialise in events and entertainment for families, companies, associations, groups or communities. Don't hesitate to contact us for a personal quote.

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Isabella Siddiqi - +41.78.714 2869

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+41.78.714 2869
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