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Birthdays at Laser Game Evolution


The Laser Game Evolution is a shooting simulation game in which several players compete to earn as many points as possible by touching the enemy without firing on his own teammates' faceplates.

The games are held in a labyrinth built on several levels. The slits and mirrors that dot the playground allow you to make many surprise shots, but be careful that it does not turn against you!

The equipment developed at the Laser Game Evolution works with 100% laser technology, and uses no infrareds. Game Laser and Laser Game Evolution Centers are the only ones to use this innovative technology where only your accuracy but also your speed will guarantee victory.

A super-fun indoors birthday party option. Kids are split into 2 groups, wear special gear equipped with a laser gun, while their names (or nicknames) are added to the computer. After a quick briefing, the music is cranked up to a max and the game can start: step onto the UV-lit scene, and hide, be alert, watch out, aim and shoot the enemy targets. At the end of each game, the computer counts up the points and names the winners, who actually are best "killers".

Grant it, this is not a "peace and love" kind of activity and is in no way suitable for a child who does not like loud music, the dark or adrenaline jumps. But just wait and see how children get hooked and step into the game... frankly, they have a great time, run all over the place and just love scaring each other.

Reception at Laser Game Evolution in Geneva is very nice and professional. The equipment and decor are fantastic and the party food formula of "pizza, cake, lasergame"  works really well as much for boys as for girls (invitations can be downloaded and printed from the website). Parents can also join a team and play, which is even better fun for kids: fire on your parents... what a crazy fantasy, everyone's going to get their hair down. Just avoid wearing white if you don't want to be THE obvious moving target wink

There are several formulas to choose from: either beverages are supplied, or you bring the food and pay for the game or series of games, or you have pizza or cake and drinks right there, or go for pizza AND cake. The lasergame labyrinth is yours for 8 players on up.

Age min.: 
6 years

Réservations uniquement via le site

Main phone: 
+41 22 786 2000