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Birthdays at Meyrin's Vivarium


We invite to come and plan birthday parties for your children in a place they are not likely to forget.

In the absence of dinosaurs in our region... reptile fans will will be delighted with creepies and crawlies at Meyrin's Vivarium, including a great collection of snakes, lizards, monitor lizards, chameleons and other caimans. They really ARE alive although, inherent to their temperament, they don't move a whole lot....

This birthday program (...) is adapted for ages 6 on up for a group of maximum 20 children and 3 accompanying adults. The party takes place from 2 to 5 pm and includes one 75-minute guided tour where children have the opportunity to scrutinize superlatives, such as the most venomous snake (ex., vipers from Gabon), the most impressive one (such as black-tailed pythons) or most frightening critters (like tarantulas or trapdoor spiders larger than your hand...). The bolder guests will have the occasion to touch or carry some of the critters - the most inoffensive ones, of course! They can also watch a movie about reptiles. The vivarium provides an area with tables and chairs, while you will bring the cake, food, beverages and tableware.

Isn't it a nice thought to blow those birthday candles next to the baby snake nursery and tiny, brightly colored poisonous dart frogs (in a terrarium naturally)!

This is a fun and educational program that can take place whether rain or shine.

Age min.: 
6 years

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