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"Born to read" ("Né pour lire") - group activities

Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

"A child is hungry and thirsty, needs sunshine and rain, a tender embrace and love. A child needs to be spoken and listened to and has always recognized the voices of caretakers. Telling a story, a memory or a dream is like music. This will encourage a child to understand, to speak and share, to grow up. "Born to read" is a way to increase parental awareness on the value of dialog with a young child, the importance of telling stories and discovering books with their children. (...)

"Born to read" offers a special gift box of books to every newborn in Switzerland, thanks to the cooperation and coordination of midwives and maternity hospitals in French-speaking Switzerland, and promotes the organization of agreeable and informal gatherings around books for parents and children. Giving children the opportunity to know books is to nourish speech and words, allowing them to development their own language skills and thoughts. 

HappyKid comment: 

More and more libraries are opening up spaces and books to very young children which is fantastic! During the various sessions such as "Born to read", "Read with baby" or "Baby reads along" (all regularly mentioned in HappyAgenda), say good-bye to Silence and welcome to the liveliness of toddlers running and babbling to discover the world of books, pictures and words. These are precious moments to share and awaken our babies to the beauty of stories all the while having an incredible stock of books perfectly adapted to their development and interests, in addition to the librarian's valuable advice. 

There are changing tables, feeding pillows and baby-chairs in several local libraries. If you haven't received your free baby reading box yet, ask your local municipal library for one. 


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