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Musical awakening - Bulle d'Air

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Musical awakening – 12 months to 5 y.o.
For the little-ones, the first musical experiences are through exploration. Guided by a professional, the child touches, "tastes" various instruments. He/she experiments freely sounds and shares them joyfully with the accompanying adult. He/she learns to listen, develops his playing and singing skills and discovers all the pleasures of music. Through play and creativity he/she learns about notes. He/she acquires more and more ease and so prepares the continuation of his/her musical journey.

Commentaire HappyKid: 

Workshops take place during the school year and kids are divided by age group, so that each little member can explore his own musicality in harmony with the others (max. 8 kids). Even though it may be a cacophonous experience with little ones, it is always entertaining for all. Also, you'll learn tons of nursery rhymes, songs and tales to miraculously retrieve from memory at critical moments, like a long car or plane ride, or while endlessly waiting in line somewhere or another... smiley

Parents and grand-parents will develop another facet of their relationship with their child or grand-child, who will discover that "making noise" is an allowed fun to share and develops his sense of rhythm and melody.

In Nyon the classes will resume at the Musée du Léman (works are finished) as from February 2013!

Age minimum: 
1 ans
Age maximum: 
3 ans
Cours pendant l’année scolaire
Genève ville et Carouge
Genève campagne rive droite
Genève campagne sud
Vaud et Céligny
Contact/réservation: - +41.22.788 36 22

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