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Home delivery of fresh produce is the best alternative to industrial processed food from the big supermarkets chains. Our system allows us to bypass the traditional distribution network! Our selection of product is subject to stringent controls, ensuring the best quality possible!

We respect the traditions and the seasons, we know the origins of our animals, our fish are caught by line. More importantly we work with men and women passionate about what they do and proud of their production.

Label One Selection, *you are what you eat * bon appetit.

HappyKidClub members benefit from a 10% discount, enter the "HappyKid" code. Created and managed by a very friendly HappyDad, Label-One offers home-delivery, excellent produce from the sea, succulent meats and fine food, too. A web site for true gourmet palates, of all ages. It's practical, parents gain time and can be confident of the outstanding quality.

HappyKid selected Label-One because of its very attractive mini-hamburgers, delicious and a great way to encourage your kids to fully participate in summer Barbecues. Their spareribs are also completely addictive for all true carnivores, like my first-born son... smiley Their festive selection really makes our life easier as we can order on the website all the gourmet and fine-food delicacies we wish, which are then delivered straight to your kitchen. The foie-gras stuffed quails and the Wellington beef are divine...


Philippe Lauber - Cédric Vuignier

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