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MM Confection - Breastfeeding / Nursing pillows

Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

We have all you require for your comfort and well-being before baby arrives: nursing pillows and prenatal preparation courses. (...) The "Croissant de lune" pillow allows you to place your baby's legs in an open, split position to prevent growth malformation in hips and abdomen.

In the maternity catalog: breastfeeding / nursing pillows and instructions, fabric options, sales, on-line orders (...)

HappyKid comment: 

A breastfeeding pillow is already very practical from the second trimester onwards. It helps future mom get a into a comfortable position, why not get some sleep before Baby arrrives... You can place it between your knees and under your tummy to relieve tension in your back, for example. Later, it will be your best friend while nursing, equally comfortable for both you and Baby smiley The catalog includes some smaller pillows ideally-sized for the crib, transforming it into a warm and comfortable environment familiar to baby who's just spent 9 months in the warmth of mommy's cozy belly.

You will find breastfeeding pillows in most baby boutiques but for those of you tired of shopping around for washable and removable fitted cotton covers, you've finally landed in the right place! Very practical: have one cover in the wash and the other on the pillow. Last but not least, MM Confection makes excellent Swiss-made quality products used at the Clinique des Grangettes, to name one establishment. Door-to-door delivery, with a BVR (pink slip) for all future moms who have something else to do instead of running from one shop to another!

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