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"Pick your own" berries in Meyrin

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Do your kids like strawberries? or raspberries? Mine love them sooo much I believe they could eat nothing else for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with maybe just a little ice-cream too... Healthy, naturally sweet and full of vitamins, they are so much better than artificial sweets and bombons!

Each summer, the Feuillasse or Fraisière farm welcomes kids and their families to discover the pleasure of finding the treasured little red spots among the green leaves. Even if we haven't had much sun this year, the little fruit are so tasty especially when you picked your own! Maybe it will help our little fussy eaters to develop a taste for greens too...Or is it mom's wishful thinking? smiley

From 08:00 to 18:30 every days, until 10/07/2021.
Age min.: 
2 years
+41.22.782 9058