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Iris gardens @Château de Vullierens

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A family treasure: open the gates of the Vullierens Castle gardens and discover one of the most magnificent iris collections of Europe. In history and art, the iris is a flower with a special place. Painted since Antiquity, sacred for the Egyptians, symbol of French royalty, in Vullierens the iris is the flower of a family passion and tradition, the story of the castle owner and the women who charmed his life. (...)

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The Castle of Vullierens is renouned in all Europe for its gardens and its fabulous collection of iris - imagine a park with thousands of more than 400 species of iris! It is an extraordinary natural show with spectacular colors and sweet perfumes. During the blooming period, a walk on the paths of these gardens is a pure delight - which one can anticipate or prolong by a brunch or BBQ at Café des Jardins or a typically Italian piadina on the go. (depending on sanitary measures)

There is a treasure hunt available for the children aged between 6 and 12 (ask for it at the entrance) and the kids' pass for the whole season costs CHF 10.- 

Some paths are a bit tricky but the visit is altogether stroller-friendly, there are high-chairs at the Café des Jardins and a quite original slide/contemporary art piece...smiley The highlight for kids being the "Big Bang", a huge mettallic sphere made of tubes, which can be moved and makes great sounds! Don't miss it at 11AM or 2:30PM...

From 10:00 to 18:00 every days, until 13/06/2021.
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For all