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"Fabriq'Expo" & "Optical Illusions" exhibits

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Our motto: Forbidden not to touch!

Exploracentre is an interactive, educational, and recreational museum open to all ages from 5 years old to adult.

​In our museum, you are invited to try and test our interactive experiments, thematic workshops and animations that are sure to entertain on scientific, digital and environmental concepts. A dedicated thematic exhibit awaits you on the ground floor, while the second level features a wide range of new, independent experiments, bringing you a new adventure with each visit to Exploracentre. In addition, three dedicated spaces are designed to host workshops, school groups, day care centres, and birthday parties.  


Halfway between an industrial lab and a Do It Yourself studio, « Fabriq’Expo » introduces the science behind design and manufacturing of objects in a fun and playful way. Open to all ages from 5 years old to adult, this exhibition is an interactive, educational and recreational gateway to explore engineering. Presented as a series of DIY workshops« Fabriq’Expo » allows the exploration of a wide diversity of objects through interactive modules and layouts, equipment and digital applications.

​​Optical illusions

We are all captivated, intrigued and stunned by optical illusions just as we are by magic tricks. Can you discern a young or an old lady in this trompe-l’oeil? Are those circles actually spinning or is our imagination playing a trick on us? Plunge into the world of illusions and discover the scientific phenomena that explain the secrets! 

Opening hours
Wednesdays : 10AM - 6PM - Saturdays 10AM - 6PM - Sundays 1PM - 6 PM

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Please check the opening hours as they vary from one day to another.

Exploracentre is everything but a museum like you would imagine it (or your kids would dread it)! Very hands-on workshops are organised for kids as from 4 y.o. and allow to have fun while learning about sciences, the environment and many various subjects throughout the year.

You can organise a cool birthday party or attend the holidays workshops as well. Check HappyBirthday and HappyCamper for more details.

From 10:00 to 18:00 every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, until 29/12/2019.
Age min.: 
5 years


'Exploracentre est un musée interactif, éducatif et ludique pour enfants à partir de 3 ans.

Cet espace de plus de 400m2 propos des expériences interactives et une médiation pédagogique permettant à tous les publics, y compris les plus jeunes, d’approcher les concepts scientifiques, numériques et environnementaux par l’expérimentation.

Notre devise : "interdit de ne pas toucher !"


Accès aux personnes à mobilité réduite
Transports publics TPG
Bus 1, 35 (arrêt : École de médecine)
Bus 2, 19 (arrêts : Bains ou Musée d'Ethnographie)
En voiture
Parkings : Plaine de Plainpalais (payant)
Uni Mail (payant)
Zone bleue et blanche dans le quartier des Bains
A pied et à vélo
Le long de l'Arve, ou à travers la Plaine de Plainpalais

Rue des Bains 33
1205 Genève