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Natural History Museum Geneva ("Museum" d'Histoire Naturelle)

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After several centuries of fabulous findings and collecting, the Museum's collections carefully house millions of specimens belonging to the extraordinary heritage of Nature. Invaluable, these are a great source of delight to scientists ... and to the 250,000 visitors we receive each year.

Dioramas (scenes) made ​​by the Museum museographers create the illusion of real landscapes and natural environments. Marvel at the polar bears, penguins and whales ... or before the strange beauty of a mineral, of a terrifying dinosaur ... or just before the wildlife that inhabits our forests.

HappyKid comment: 

THE place for school trips, Sundays or chilly and rainy days... All parents who grew up in Geneva will not resist the urge to take their children there.

Each visit IS an adventure, even when we know certain floors or areas by heart. Kids will take great pleasure in the museum as soon as they can walk, or sooner. Explore and discover the solar system's planets, dinosaurs, animals that live in the savanna, as well as local flora and fauna - one of our favorites (!) being Our Forests...let's go deep into the woods while the wolf is away... let's listen for the calls of the wild boars, owls and deer, in the darkness of our woods. Instead, shall we head off seal-watching in the ice fields (it's quite good fun and not too hard to imitate the seal's call, have you ever tried?), observe Pingu's family and polar teddy bears to remind you of "Plume"smiley

To go and see and enjoy without restraint, if only to hear your oldest child say "Oh yes, I remember! It's way tooooo coooool!"

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1 years
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